A Team of Staunch Advocates Against Problem Gambling

Who We Are


We maintain a neutral stance with respect to the pros and cons of gambling and instead focus our efforts on increasing awareness regarding helping those impacted by gambling to receive the help they need.

The South Central Kansas Problem Gambling Task Force is one of 3 regional Task Forces formed for this purpose. We represent an 8 county area in South Central Kansas, which includes Sedgwick, Butler, Reno, Harper, Harvey, Cowley, and Sumner counties. Each Task Force is made up of volunteers from their local community.

The South Central Kansas Task Force was formed in 2010. We receive a yearly grant from non-taxpayer monies collected from the net revenues brought in by the 3 state-owned casinos. Two percent of those revenues are allocated for prevention, education, and treatment of problem gambling and other addictions.

Some of the services we provide are yearly training's to assist area providers in maintaining their certification to work with problem gamblers, community awareness activities such as booths and presentations on topics regarding problem gambling and its effects, and promoting the Kansas Gambling Helpline where gamblers, gamers, or others impacted by someone’s gambling can access counselling and treatment services at no out-of-pocket costs.

To join our Taskforce contact us at [email protected].

Monthly Meeting Time

The monthly meeting is held on the 3rd Friday of every month at 4:30 P.M. Please go to www.sckpgnewsletter.com for instructions on how to join the meeting.